Alley – Update — Scheduled for Potential Eye Removal

11/17/18 – Alley Update
Alley has seen and been treated by a specialist on three visits and it has been determined that the only option to ensure her comfort, would be to remove both of her eyes. Keep in mind that Alley is felv postive which affects her immunity system and any surgery can be dangerous. Nonetheless, as with so many others over the past 8 years, we have committed to Alley and her foster/forever mom who has a special place in her heart for fiv/felv cats. Emily, the mom, will now be consulting with Dr. Zalac in preparation for the eye removal. Please say a prayer for Alley who is a very sweet girl just needing to be rid of pain. ~ diana w:roberta kretz 9:27:18
Please note that this photo was taken before Alley’s eyes worsened.

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