RIP Sweet Baby – Froze to Death

11/15/18 – RIP Sweet Baby
Last night I received an urgent call for help. A kitten had been trying to seek warmth at a business. After work, one of the employees brought in the kitten and realized that he was in desperate need of medical assistance. Although from the photo, this baby doesn’t look desperate, it turned out he was. We immediately authorized the kitten to be taken to the emergency hospital. Once there, the doctor could not detect a temperature. This poor baby had froze from the below freezing temperatures. He died shortly after arriving at the hospital. The rescuer was crushed, thinking she could have done more. But, she did everything she could. Please, please recognize that these babies cannot survive these temperatures and if you can, please build shelters. There are many instructional videos on YouTube and Vimeo. If your child needs to complete community service for school, we would be happy to provide a letter of completion if your student would like to make shelters and turn them into us for distribution. By now, all of you know that it truly takes a Village. This has been one heck of a year with so many serious cases and I’m afraid that this winter will just be a continuance. May God Bless the Rescuer and all of those who support the abandoned and abused. ~ diana
P.S. The rescuer was asked to look for more kittens in that area.

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