Binx – Adopted

11/28/18 – binx 10:31:18`` binx10:31:18==One more life saved …..One more second chance…..One more happy ending…

I have some pretty great news about Binx aka Halloween Kitten!
A friend and supporter of 4 Paws 1 heart contacted me last week after she saw my post about him being ready for a forever home.. She came to meet him last Saturday and of course fell in love. He is a special little guy. I’ve had to do bandage changes on his wound since Halloween.. This pic was 2 days ago and it looks beautiful! I feel that he is more than ready to take the next step in his journey and bond with his forever mom. I’ve done my part.. Thank you all for the prayers which totally worked! Don’t forget that during this week of “Giving”, your donations will be matched up to $2,000. We couldn’t make these miracales happen without your support ~ Gina

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