Hope – Found With a Prolapsed Rectum Requiring Surgery

11/30/18 – Two weeks ago I received the following request: “My neighbor rescued a little kitten who has a prolapsed rectum. I have started calling her/him hope. Hope is a spunky little thing and was rescued from the cold and brought inside. She likes snuggles and playtime. If you never saw the rectum you would swear she’s perfectly healthy; she eats and drinks food and water normally. She also somehow manages to potty and play throughout the day. My neighbor can’t afford the surgery needed to fix her rectum so we hope that someone can help or bare minimum point us in direction where hope can get the medical care needed.”
4 Paws 1 Heart paid for Hope to be seen by one of our many veterinarians who was able to push back the rectum, although he wasn’t confident it would last. And, he was right — it didn’t last and Hope had to have surgery. She is now doing great and will have her stitches removed this week. Unfortunately, the woman who took responsibility for Hope recently lost her cat and Hope has been there to fill the hole in her heart. ~ diana
Remember that your donations can still be matched up to $2,000 through next Tuesday. Only with your help can we continue to make miracles happen.

hope 11:30:18 Hope--11:20:18 hope==11:30:18
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