Callie – Found Severely Dehydrated Requiring a Hospital Stay

callie 12:1:1812/1/18 – This past Wednesday I received the following e-mail:
“So my cousin gave me a kitty she found outside, about a year old I think, super skinny, looks like she has a little road rash on her back legs, and has a limp where she steps on her toes and THEN her actual paw (front left)
SHE does a weird thing where her head shakes almost like she’s shivering but just her head, (I’m afraid it might be neurological) and I can see her heart beat through her chest and it feels and looks really irregular, but
she’s super happy and loving and sweet and is purring, I want to rescue her and turn her life around but i can not afford a bunch of the large vet bills that I am now anticipating with her. She’s seriously the
sweetest cat ever and I’m just heart broken. Her name is Callie and although this is the second night having her, she already has a spot in the family and gets along great with her brother and sister, my other two pups.
Please let me know if you know anybody who can help! – Trevor”

Of course we were the ones to help. Callie saw one of our favorite vets, Dr. Zalac, the following day. Dr. Z ran a number of tests and found Callie to be severely dehydrated to the point where she needs a few days in the hospital receiving fluids. Please keep Callie in your prayers so that she can soon be reunited with her rescue family as a healthy, loving kitty. ~ diana
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