Regley – Discovered on a Porch with Severe Facial Injuries

11/13/18 – Regley was being fed by a kind family for the past couple of months. Then, halloween night, when they returned from trick or treating, Regley was found on their porch, with severe facial injuries She was either hit by a car or was in a terrible fight. The family took Regley to All About Animals who then referred them to us. Regley was taken to a vet where she was treated with antibiotics and fluids and spent a couple of nights. The doctor diagnosed a broken jaw and said it would need replacement, and could possibly result in multiple surgeries due to the extent of the injuries. With many factors in mind, we decided to transfer Regley to one of our most-trusted doctors, Dr. Zalac of Orion Animal Hospital, Regley spent a couple of nights there and Dr. Zalac put Regley”s jaw ‘back together’. Regley is doing great and her rescuer continues to be in awe at the expert work of Dr. Z. Without the support of our donors, veterinarians, and those many good Samaritans, happy beginnings like this would not exist. We wish Regley a loving, long life. ~ diana
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