Lucky – RIP She Will No Longer Be Suffering on the Streets in the Bitter Cold

RIP Sweet Lucky – I received a request to assist a Vietnam veteran who cares for two cat colonies. One of his favorite cats was in very “bad shape”. The cat had fur missing and could not control her bowels. The caretaker had no transportation and was in an area where we do not have partner veterinarians. It took a couple of days but we were finally able to work out transportation and get Lucky into an emergency hospital where she was examined, had blood work done, and given antibiotics and dewormer. We were going to follow up with a day practice this week because Lucky seemed to have an issue with her mouth and her eyes. She just picked at her food and it appeared she couldn’t see it. The following day, Lucky was lethargic. Jennifer, the person who picked up Lucky and brought her to the emergency and spent 5 hours waiting to be seen, tried syringe feeding her but Lucky died in Jennifer’s arms. This is the second cat in the colony to die. None of the cats have been neutered/spayed/vaccinated. I told Jennifer that we would pay for spay/neuter/vaccines if she could trap the cats. In Lucky’s memory, we will be working on getting every cat in the two colonies spayed/neutered and vaccinated. ~ diana

lucky 1:21:19-- lucky 1:17:19
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