Trixie – Found on the Street with a Broken Pelvis

2/3/19 – The support of small businesses like Knotted Needle allows us to take on severe cases like Trixie. Gina DeLuca, Darlene Pennefather, and I met so many great women today who care about animals. Plus WDIV was there to film a story which will be aired at 8:00 pm in March. Of course, we will let you know more about Trixie when Denise gets her tomorrow and about our show. It truly takes a village. – diana

“A huge THANK YOU to Denise Najera for stepping up to foster this girl and 4 Paws 1 Heart for covering her medical care and taking her in!!!
Also, we finally received a photo from the vet. Here is the very lucky girl! Denise is naming her Trixie.trixie 2:3:19 51059229_10219389095903532_8409279703365451776_n 51395114_10219389096463546_1363797891964993536_o
Very late Thursday night a citizen dropped off a cat at City of Warren Animal Control. Friday morning when our ACOs came into work they quickly realized something was wrong. She was laying in her blanket, crying loudly and unable to stand. She was immediately rushed to an ER vet for care.
Initially her body temperature was incredibly low, and she appeared to be blind. Today after finally having her temperature come back to normal, some of her vision has returned and she is responding to visual stimuli. However, it was also discovered that she has a fractured pelvis.
We suspect she was hit by a car and then dragged herself to the citizen’s yard, before almost freezing to death in this awful cold we’ve had all week. Thankfully she was found and brought to our police station.
As for her injuries; while the vet believes two of the fractures will heal on their own, the third they feel will require surgery and pins.
Currently she is on a strong dose of pain meds, she is getting round the clock care, and for the most part now seems stable. Though at this time requires some help expressing her bladder. However, the level of care she will need is something that will likely require an orthopedic surgeon.
If your rescue has the ability to take this girl in, please let us know ASAP. Warren Animal Control has gone above and beyond to make sure she received care and was stabilized, but now we really need help from our rescue partners to save this girl.
*We did not have an opportunity to get a photo of her, so in place of a photo, these are her x-rays.*
Please share and help us find a rescue for her!

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