Morky and Micky – Rescued from a Cat Community

2/4/19 – Morky and Micky. Such beautiful cats. Paws crossed that Joanne is able to socialize these cuties so they can be forever loved in a nice warm home. ~ diana

“Here are Morky and Micky – 2 feral cats that have been trapped and neutered with the gracious help of 4Paws1Heart. The cats are approximately 6 months old and very active and enjoying access to toys and unlimited food. Micky (the one with the messy fur) is not developing as fast as his brother and I am not certain he knows how to properly groom himself thus resulting in matted/messy fur. Unfortunately, they are struggling with human contact, but I have not given up hope that they can become permanent indoor cats. The cats have already been away from their outdoor cat friends for weeks and due to their size and over-all personalities may not thrive or survive outdoors. The cats are bonded and cannot be separated without causing great anxiety and fear. My plan is to continue to work with the cats and ultimately find them a new home. I have already added one more cat from the cat community to my indoor cat collection after she refused to leave. Her fear of everything is so severe that she could not survive outdoors. The cat community has another 4-6 cats that visit on a regular basis and 3 or 4 neighborhood cats that stop by for a snack. With the financial assistance from 4P1H, the feral cats will be trapped and fixed to prevent the community from growing!!- Joanne”morky and micky

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2 comments on “Morky and Micky – Rescued from a Cat Community

    • I’ve never done that. They instinctively know how to use the litter box. I would google the question. ~ diana