Pretty Girl – She Fell Off of the Roof of a Green House and Broke Her Leg

4/29/19 – Meet Pretty Girl. We are hoping that she can get in today to see one of our favorite doctors, Dr. Zalac, Orion Animal Hospital. I received a message over the weekend about a very sweet cat who has been hanging around a green house for a number of years. Unfortunately, this girl fell off of the roof. She was taken to a vet where her leg was x-rayed and the vet diagnosed a severe break and gave an estimate of $1,200 to amputate the leg. The green house owners could not afford the surgery and was going to put her down. That is when we were contacted by the family of the green house owners. Unfortunately, the location of the cat is quite a bit away from our partner doctors but they found someone in Lansing willing to take in Pretty Girl, transport her to our vet, and find a furever home for her after recovery. Last night we paid for Pretty Girl to be examined and given pain meds because nothing had been done prior. Paws crossed for a successful surgery and placement in a furever loving home. Everyone has told us how sweet this girl is. ~ diana
pretty girl w:julie 4:28:19

M.J. (aka Maggie) – Finds Her Forever home

4/28/19 – We all thought she would have to be returned to the cat community. ~ diana

MY NEW NAME IS MAGGIE!!! Magdalene if I’m naughty…

Yes you heard me right – I’m going to have a home of my own and humans that already love me!! The 2nd photo is my new Mommy- my new Daddy was camera shy. (I’m only moving about a 1 mile away!!)

Who would have thought an ex-feral of 3ish years – who just become 92% unferal 2 months ago. My new Mommy has patience and experience to work with me. She loved me at first sight!

Okay I have tons of people to thank besides my Foster Mommy & Dad…..first and foremost Rachel Gerstner who knew and found my new parents…. 4 Paws 1 Heartwho took care of updating my medical, of course Andra Nagaitis-Shipley for taking care of our feral colony along with foster Mom, Janice Dangin and Kim Harris. And everyone for their love and support! MAGGIE – SIGNING OFF! – Dee”maggie:mj 4:27:19

Honey – A Maine Coon Polydactyl Finds Her Forever Home

4/27/19 – Meet Honey (once known as Lou). Honey was found by the same finder that found Dyson. She is also a 6 month-1year old Maine Coon Mix and also Polydactyl so we’re sure she is related to Dyson. 4 Paws 1 Heart paid for her medical including her spay and now she is in her forever home. Don’t you love happy beginnings??? ~ diana honey:lou 4:27:19 honey (aka lou) 4:27:19

Alita – Found on the Street

4/26/19 – It is such a blessing to have so many people working every day to save animals and who know they can come to us for help. Of course, that is only as long as we have the funds and this year continues to be a slow year for donations. We have had many serious cases this year; from heart worm to orthopedic surgeries. And, new cases continue to confront us each day. A sincere thanks to all of our supporters and if you can, please consider making a donation. Just a $40 donation will save hundreds of kittens from being born and killed on the streets. ~ diana
P.O. Box 84, St.Clair Shores, MI 48080

“Hello everyone! Meet Alita! This little sweetie was born Feb 26, 2019 and will be ready May 20, 2019 at which time she’ll be UTD on her shots and spayed. Over the next few weeks Alita will be socialized with other kitties, dogs and kids. If you’re interested in her, PLEASE reach out to me. As always PLEASE SHARE. Thank you Diana Rascanoand #4Paws1Heart for covering her medical expenses and to Lesa for saving her. Special thank you to Kristin Branstner for reaching out! #ItTakesAVillage 4P1H VillageHyde BG – Heather”alita 4:25:19

Rakestraw – Thrown into the Lobby of an Veterinary Hospital

4/25/19 – Yesterday I received a call from a vet we work with. A little 9 lb., 6 month old, emaciated boston terrier/chihuahua/mix was thrown into the lobby and before the staff could get to the door, the car sped off. The vet was asking for our help. I made contact with a few of my favorite rescues and, may God Bless them, each of them came through and offered to help. Trust me—this doesn’t always happen–but I was just thankful that 3 rescues stepped up to help this poor little dog. 4 Paws 1 Heart will pay for any medical needed. The only thing that has been done so far, are vaccinations; the doctor said he was too young for a heart worm test. As you can see, this little guy has quite an underbite. The doc said he is very lovable. Anyone interested in this cutie (who was not named yet), should contact Rejoyceful Animal Rescue. I’m sure they will be posting updates on their facebook page. ~ diana
rakestraw dog 4:25:19 rakestraw --4:25:19

Samantha and Friskie – Rescued from a Hoarding Situation

4/25/19 – An individual rescuer who we’ve been assisting for a number of years is trying to help the animals in what might be considered a ‘hoarding situation’. It was a few years ago when we helped some of this person’s animals who were being kept in a house that was firebombed. In fact, Phoenix, who was taken in by Chance’s Mom, Denise, was one of those. Unfortunately, our Phoenix just passed away recently from the affects of the firebombing. Anyway, our friend, Lori is trying to help little by little to get the cats out, medically treated with our help, and adopted to furever loving homes. This is Samantha and Friskie. Samantha has had some recent issues and isn’t eating as we feel she should but we are hoping that with love and medical attention, she will find her way into a loving home. Friskie is doing great after being neutered, vaccinated, and tested. Anyone interested in these beauties should contact Lori at: [email protected] Trust me when I say, the need never ends. ~ diana
samantha w:lori stephens4:22:19 Friskie w:lori stephens 4:22:19

Teddy – Was Used by for Pesticides Experiments

4/24/19 – A Beautiful Beginning! This is Teddy. He was one of the many dogs being used for pesticide experiments by Dow. Once my friend, David Rubello, read about what was being done to these innocent animals, he contacted me to discuss the situation. It was not too long ago that Dave and his wife adopted a Beagle, Cleo, who they fell madly in love with and now they were on a mission to save one more. Here is the happy beginning for Teddy. I would like to add that Dave is a former St. Clair Shores City Council person, but more importantly, he continues to play an integral role in the many activities within the Shores. Whether it’s the Memorial Day Parade, the Concerts in the Park, or the Agua Fest (all in which 4 Paws 1 Heart will be having an appearance/fundraiser). As you can see, community service takes on many facets — saving animals is one of them. Wishing Teddy the very best life ever. ~ diana      /

Tigger – Pray That We Can Find Out Why He Has a Breathing Problem

4/24/19 – Please say a prayer for Tigger. He was one of many kittens found on the street in Mt. Pleasant, MI. He is super sweet but has a horrible breathing problem that no one has been able to figure out. We are continuing to work with the local vet as well as getting our resources here involved. There are just so many animals on the street needing all of us. God Bless the Rescuer. ~ diana
Tigger 4:24:19

2019 Kittens – Babies With Their Eyes Still Closed, Found on the Street

4/23/19 – I told you — more kittens and I haven’t even caught up with other cases we have worked on.

I received an email yesterday about two kittens found on the street — no mom in sight. Their eyes weren’t even opened yet. The finder did not know how to care for new borns. Although we are not a rescue with volunteers who foster, etc., I sent a call-out for help to our network of independent kitty rescue friends. At midnight this morning these little sweeties were dropped off to a caring woman familiar with babies who will care for them and make sure they will be adopted. Of course, 4 Paws 1 Heart will be sponsoring them through neuter/spay and, if anything comes up before, we’ll be there. ~ diana 4:23:19 kitten 2 -- 2019 4:23:19