Thorin – RIP – We Tried But It Just Wasn’t Enough

4/9/19 – I’m so sorry for the sad news the last couple days but that is the world we are all in. We were thankful to be a part of Thorin’s journey. He received more love in his short time with Patricia than many receive in a life time. RIP Sweet Thorin. – diana

 “RIP My sweet Thorin. I had to say good-bye to you today and it breaks my heart that life dealt you a terrible blow. Your previous humans either dumped you or let you roam the streets, not neutered, not vaccinated and fending for yourself for at least 4 years before I finally brought you into my home to give you the love and care that you so deserved. I first saw you in the spring of 2012 on my back fence with two other cats. I finally trapped you on March 14 of 2015 and realized you were not feral. Your ears had frozen one winter and were all curled and torn. But you were a big boy of 12 lbs and appeared healthy. I got you fixed and your shots and we discovered you had FIV. But I wasn’t worried. Little did I know that 2 years later you would develop Glaucoma which meant eye drops every day for the rest of your life. Then two years later you started loosing weight. Many trips to the vet and other than a slight abnormality in your liver, and after all the tests, we never determined what the cause was. Several months ago after exhausting all means to keep your weight on we took a turn for the worse and in the end you were diagnosed with lymphoma and a heart murmur was detected. I was devastated to hear the news. You deserved so much better. I decided to let you come home and love you for your remaining days. I kept praying to God that you would just pass in your sleep, safe and warm here at home. But you were such a fighter. But the time came when you became a shell of the beautiful boy that I so loved and you found it hard to walk more than 10 feet at a time and I decided to let you go and be free from pain and hopefully you will meet up with your buddy Gandalf, Coal and Amenadiel. I pray you come to visit me like Amenadiel did after you crossed that Rainbow Bridge. I could not have cared for you like I did if it were not for 4 Paws 1 Heart being there for us every time we had to see the vet, and for their love and caring for lost, hurt or abused animals like they do. I will remember you forever my sweet boy. I love you…..Mom”thorin - rip 4:9:19
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