Belfor – Found Emaciated and Heart Worm Positive

5/22/19 – While working as a contractor for the electric utility, a caring man came across a starving dog. The dog’s hip bone seemed to be coming “out of his skin” and he had many scars and scabs. He and his girlfriend took Belfor to a vet and although the hip issue was corrected, Belfor was found to be heart worm positive. They were told to contact us and we said ‘yes’. Belfor started his 30-day regiment yesterday and will receive his final treatments in about one month. The couple were unable to find his owners but they have fallen in love with him. So very often, owners dump their pets on the street once they find out there is an expensive medical issue. That’s my assumption because this seems to happen far too often. Prayers for this 3-4 year old boy. ~ diana

belfor w:lauren 5:16:19 belfor --w:lauren 5:16:19
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