Harry – He Appeared in a Cat Community With a Severe Eye Infection

5/6/19 – Harry is a member of a cat community who showed up with a very infected eye. There was much concern that his eye would have to be removed. Harry was taken to one of our vet partners where he was given medication for an upper respiratory infection and an injury to his eye. His caretaker was successful in treating him every day and, after a re-examination of his eye, it was determined that Harry would be keeping his eye. The other good news is that Harry will now become an inside kitty. He has not left his caretaker’s porch and at night she would bring him in. Now he will stay in. There are so many animals who need our help and without your support, we couldn’t do it. Thank YOU – Diana
4paws1heart.org/donationsharry 5:6:19

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