Piggy – She Was Living in Filth on a Porch – No Shelter and No Food/Water

5/5/19 – Piggy Update. Anyone interested in this beauty should contact Megan at Friends of Scooby Rescue, mnb.dogs@gmail.com Again, without our donors, we could not make a difference in so many lives. – diana

“I met this dog and her yard mate a little over a year go. She was living in filth on a porch with broken windows, no shelter from the elements and no food or water. While her yard mate was living on a chain with no straw in his dog house, a frozen water bucket and a food bowl full of mud.

I started providing food and straw to fatten up their scrawny bodies. They were vaccinated and Micro-chipped. And then sent to be spayed and neutered – it was there that we discovered Piggy had severe ear infections in both ears and Cauz was heartworm positive with elevated kidney and liver levels. We started the process of treating both dogs and they were moved up north to a foster home. Their amazing foster taught them how to be a house dog. She gave them stability, rules and a routine. She taught them that all humans aren’t bad and showed them unconditional love.
3 weeks after being cleared for adoption, Piggy tore her CCL in her right knee requiring surgery. Football squares were sold, bottles were returned, donations were collected – what we lacked, 4 Paws 1 Heart made up the difference. Surgery was done on December 17th and she was moved to another foster home closer to me. She is still in the healing process but she is doing fantastic. She is now on her 3rd foster home and waiting to be adopted.
She loves kids and other dogs and most recently we discovered she is OK with cats. – Megan”piggy 5:4:19


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