Huron – RIP Found in a Cat Community Bleeding

5/14/19 – RIP Sweet Huron. It was last Wednesday I received a call about a cat who was found in a cat community with blood all over and his jaw unable to close; he was very emaciated. He was taken into a veterinary hospital. The hospital put him on fluids and antibiotics and planned to keep him an additional night. We paid for the medical and advised the rescuers to let us know of the prognosis. On Sunday I learned that the doctors needed to perform a transfusion at a cost of $800 and perform surgery for an abscess and a possible extraction of teeth. The rescuers had been raising money to help pay for the surgery and transfusion. I approved the surgery but unfortunately I learned yesterday morning that Huron had died. When I called the hospital they advised that they could not find a suitable blood donor and, consequently, wasn’t able to perform the surgery. Our only comfort comes from the fact that Huron did not waste away and die on the street. As is always the case, I wish we could have done more. Many thanks to all who worked so hard to save this sweet boy. ~ diana
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