Teddy – One of 35 Dogs Being Used for Testing Who Was Scheduled to be Euthanized

This is my personal hair and nail salon. I only use Paul Mitchell products. And, I’m so thankful for the love that my friend Dave Rubello and his wife, Gretchen, have for abused animals. I met Teddy last week and my heart broke thinking what he and so many animals used for product testing go through. The little guy doesn’t bark or anything but you can tell how appreciative he is for being saved. This may be inappropriate but I feel product testing should be done on murderers on death row where there is no doubt about their conviction.

“Paul Mitchell Products has pet friendly dog free testing policies..Teddy pictured with me, was experimented on with chemicals over the past years, with over 30 other of his beagle friends and was due to be destroyed in July by Dow is living proof that they were about to make the wrong decision in killing them. Teddy appreciates you not using domestic pet dog testing products. – Dave Rubello”Teddy w:dave rubello 5:25:19

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