Rosie Roo – Remembering Her Life

6/18/19 – The sweetest dog I’ve ever met. Rosie, you will always be in our hearts. ~ diana

“CHANCE: Goood morning Team Chance, as promised we’re going to share with you pics & stories of our beloved Roo. The top left pic is the one mom saw on Facebookunder For the Love of Louie *Michigan Lost Pet Lookers* that her finder posted that she found this lost dog. That was on Oct 5th, 2016. The look on that poor babys face haunted mom all night, she kept going back to that post and looking at that little face. Mom saw later that night that animal control had picked her up. Mom started messaging animal Control about her status, and at the same time she sent the pic to Auntie Di at 4 Paws 1 Heart with a simple message “Please call me re: this dog”. Of course Auntie Di called mom 1st thing in the morning. AUNTIE DI: “What would you like to do?”
MOM: “Go get her & foster her”.
Auntie Di without hesitation said “if they will give her to you, get her.” And with that, arrangements were made with the wonderful Animal Control Officer Lisa Taylor, and Auntie Debra & Mom brought Roo home. That 1st night she slept on the floor next to moms bed..Her nails were so long and spiraled she could barely walk, her fur was sooo matted. Pew!!! Did she ever stink!!! It was terrible!!! And that was how she got her name…Rosie⚘, Mom wanted to name her as far opposite of what she smelled like then..what she would be not what she smelled like then. The next morning when mom took her to the groomers…a very sneaky & sweet Auntie Anne Sadowski had already been to the groomer & paid for Rosie Roos grooming . The bottom pic is after Roo came home smelling sweet, all soft, clean & comfy sleeping that 1st sleep of knowing life was about to change for her!!! – Mom”rosie roo 6:18:19

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