Chance – The Miracle When a Village Comes Together

6/27/19 – Chance is so right. Our village makes miracles happen every day. – diana

“Ahhhh, it’s good to be King! And it’s good to be able to walk, climb & jump!!! You know that clubhouse on my page that say CHANCE on it? Mom made that for me out of the box that this Cat Tree sent to us by Auntie Debi & Uncle Dave came in. Know why? Cus she felt terrible that all the other cats had something new to play with and I couldnt climb up here cus I couldnt walk. Mom says it broke her heart to see everybody having fun but me. Mom put a lot of love into that SuperHero Clubhouse and I adored it!!! And all the other cats came to play with me in it. But that Cat Tree was incentive, and look at me now!!! That’s what happens when dedicated individual fosters Team up with 4 Paws 1 Heart, miracles happen!!!
By the way, if you didnt see the update on Isaac’s post..Auntie Di approved an emergency visit to one of our fave vets and Isaac has a pretty serious UTI which is not uncommon with paraplegic cats. He was given antibiotics & anti inflammatory meds and has a recheck in a week.
Well Team, this King is getting ready to go snuggle with his Queen Mother!!! 😉 Sweet dreams everybody, see you in the morning. Love, purrs & woofs Chance & the Gang
chance 6:26:19

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