Clay – Bit His Tongue Which Resulted in a Blood Clot

7/6/19 – So thankful for our wonderful vets who will take in animals at a moment’s notice. Patterson Veterinary Hospital, Clinton Township is one of the best. – diana

“Oh….the life of a foster. Clay and I had a quick trip to the vets this morning already. I saw what appeared to be a large blood clot on his tongue while giving him meds. Of course, taking no chances, called 4Paws1Heart and Diana jumped on it for me.
It appears to be a bad bruise from biting himself. And no treatment necessary, but still scared me. At this age, still on the bottle and teething, they get frantic eating, so that must be what happened. All is good, he is out running around with Jax and Opie. On that note, does anyone else do the “kitten shuffle?” They are so tiny, when out and about, I shuffle my feet instead of lifting them while walking for fear of stepping on one of these kids. I feel like a little old lady, lol. – Patricia”clay7:6:19

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