Fetti (and baby) – A Very Sick, Pregnant Cat; Emaciated and Needing Eye Removal

7/31/19 – A little over one month ago we were contacted by a volunteer with Friends of Companion Animals in Monroe, MI. The volunteer had rescued a young cat who needed an eye removal. Fetti was underweight so surgery was put off until she could gain some weight. She was scheduled for surgery today but over the week end the rescuer discovered Fetti had milk and then, guess what, she had a baby. Fetti still needs to have her eye removed and be spayed which we will take care of but it will be a little while now. We will take care of mama and baby’s medical needs.

Please, please, please vote for us in the Free Star Financial Charity Contest. We are gaining ground but not enought. Please consider the fact that we are the only organization that not only helps shelters and rescues but we will have the every day person who finds a sick/injured animal on the street and commits to finding a furever, loving home. But we can’t do it without you. Please say a little prayer for Fetti and her baby and vote every day for us. Thanks, dianaFetti 7:30:19 Fetti 7:30:19- fetti 7:30:19 -- fetti 7:30:19---

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