Coco – Roaming the Streets; Mite Infested; Emaciated; With a Wound on Her Body

7/30/19 – Coco was found roaming the streets. Her ears were mite infested, she was very emaciated, and had a wound on her body. She was in desperate need for a bath, some love, and medical attention. After trying all avenues, no owner could be found. 4 Paws 1 Heart was happy to cover Coco’s medical and she is doing well with her rescuer. Please keep in mind that there is no other organization in our region which will assist good Samaritans who don’t want to turn their back on an animal in need. Far too many times, people will just dump their pet for a variety of reasons. These “independent” rescuers have the love but they most often don’t have the finances for the unexpected cost. Please continue to make a difference by donating to 7:30:19 coco =7:30:19 coco 7:30:19--

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