Miracle – A Newborn Needing to be Cut from a Fence

8/6/19 – Meet Miracle. Here is the message I received July 28.

“I had to cut a newborn kitten free after it had gotten stuck and lost circulation to its arm for a long period of time. It’s arm is now swollen 3+ times it’s normal size and completely red and bloody looking as if it is about to burst. I have no money for emergency care and need advice about doing what I can for this little girl or considering euthanasia and who to go through.”

We immediately responded and had Miracle see a vet. At this time she is holding her own and is scheduled to see the vet again in about a week. There are so many innocent animals needing our help. Thank God for the rescuers, our wonderful vets, and our supporters. Say a little prayer that Miracle won’t need an amputation. Please help us raise money so that we can continue to help those in need. miracle w:lindsey humel 7:31:19 miracle w:lindsey 7:30:19

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