Baby Ryan – Fighting for His Life

10/22/19 – Please pray for Baby Ryan who has been diagnosed with Panleukopenia which is feline distemper or parvovirus. Although the virus carries a high mortality rate, Ryan’s rescuer is trying to save him and we are helping with his medical bill. He has been in the hospital and he appears to be turning the corner. There is no cure; only hope that his own immune system will kick in to fight off this deadly disease. ~ diana ryan w:kim thompson baby ryan 10:22:19


Dawn Marie Peters 10/25/2019: update Ryan was supposed to be coming home today. Sadly, he took a turn for the worse over night/early this morning. Ryan was given a blood transfusion as the last attempt to save our precious boy. We desperately need more prayers please.

Dawn Marie Peters We want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts that is with 4 Paws 1 Heart! Without your support Ryan would not be getting the care he has received! We are so unbelievably grateful for the generosity and kindness that has been given to him by so many wonderful and kind people. Ryan is the sweetest little guy and he is a fighter. He loves life and is fighting so hard to beat this! Thank you again so much! We will keep you posted as we hear more from the hospital.ryan 10:22:19

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