Sparky, Natasha, and Boris – Dumped in a Petsmart Parking Lot

10/23/19 – In early October, 7 cats were dumped in a Petsmart parking lot. One organization took 4 and our friend, Lori, took in 3 — Sparky, Natasha, and Boris. 4 Paws 1 covered all of their medical including spay/neuter, testing, vaccinations, flea/parasite treatment. Sparky has since been adopted but Boris and Natasha are still looking. If interested, contact Lori at: [email protected]
Please keep in mind that every ‘healthy’ cat we help costs a minimum of $150 to ensure they continue to be healthy and do not contribute to the over population of cats. Although we had a successful fundraiser last weekend, that money went out faster than it came in. If you can, please consider donating today so that we can continue to make a difference. Thank YOU ~ diana 10:23:19 natasha 10:23:19 boris 10:23:19

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