Tobe – Running the Streets with Heart Worm

10/24/19 – Prayers for Tobe. He was found running the streets. The rescuers brought him to a vet to check for a microchip but there was none; they then posted and tried to find his owner, but without success. The rescuers contacted us and we arranged for him to be seen by one of our partner vets. Unfortunately, Tobe was found to be heart worm positive. So often, we believe that dogs are dumped when owners find out their pet has heart worm. Although, if a dog has been running the streets for a long time, they may contract heart worm while on the streets. Nonetheless, Tobe is a very sweet dog and the rescuers are committed to him. On Tobe’s vet visit he was given antibiotics to address a congestion issue. So, in reality he has already started the beginning of his heart worm treatment. We have committed to Tobe’s full treatment and recovery. This is another one of those cases that are expensive but we’re not going to turn our back. Thank you for anything you can do to support the abandoned, stray, and abused. ~ diana
tobe 10:24:19

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