Carla – Has a Worrisome Bump on Her Forehead

11/26/19 – Prayers for sweet Carla. She has worked hard for two years so that some day she could walk and now this. Praying that the ‘bump’ is nothing. – diana

“CHANCE: Hey there Team! Sooooo, mom has cancelled Carla’s pt at Pawsitive Steps tomorrow and instead mom & Auntie Debra will be making the trip to Orion AnimalHospital to see Dr. Z.
About 4wks ago mom noticed a little tiny bump on Carla’s head that she thought may be a bug bite. But after 2wks it didnt go away and was a little larger. When Carla saw Dr. Kern her last pt, mom showed it to her for her opinion. Dr. Kern measured the “bump” at 1/2 centimeter and advised to send pics to Dr. Z which mom did. Dr. Z thought it best to bring Carla in and either do a needle aspiration or remove the growth all together and send it in to make sure it’s nothing to worry about. Mom called Auntie Di right away and of course Auntie Di agreed and 4 Paws 1 Heart will be backing Carla’s medical. We will know more after Dr. Z sees her in person in the morning, as to whether she will remove or aspirate. So please send good vibes Carla’s way, that it’s just a goofy weird bump and nothing more serious. Could you please send mom some good vibes too? Cus Carla doesnt know it yet that shes missing pt and even worse that she wont be getting any breakfast! She has to fast so shes ready for whatever decision Dr. Z makes in the morning. But….a hungry Carla is a cranky Carla, sorry mom 🙄
We’ll keep you posted as soon as we know anything.
Sweet dreams Team, see you tomorrow!
Love Chance, Carla & the Gang”carla 11:25:19 carla--11:15:19

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