Carla – Has a Mast Cell Tumor – More Tests Need to be Done

1/26/19 – Please continue your prayers for our Carla. Like Chance, she was going to be euthanized because her back legs were paralyzed. I remember when I first visited her. Shawn Ley of WDIV, was doing an interview with Chance, Denise, and I. Carla, just a little bitty kitten, was in her playpen. Since then she has spent two years in therapy with Dr. Tari Kern and working diligently with her mom. We can’t quit now. We are committed to this sweetie. Anything you can do to help would be much appreciated. ~ diana

“Hello Team, Mom here.
So, the news was a bit like a punch in the gut. Dr. Z did the needle aspiration this morning and shes confident that Carla’s “bump” is a Mast Cell Tumor. Mast Cell can be very aggressive and Dr. Z reccomended that we have the tumor removed…today. We have the utmost confidence in Dr. Zalac and so a call was made to Auntie Di and the email was sent from 4 Paws 1 Heart authorizing the surgery & biopsy.
With these types of tumors its recommended to go at least 1″ in every direction to get clean margins. As you can see by the placement of the tumor that’s not going to be possible becuse it’s right above her eye. Dr. Z will go as close as she can, and we know she will do her best and Carla is in the best possible hands. These tumors are also known to spread & metastasize to other places including the spleen, liver & bone marrow. And we are praying that wont happen with our baby. What we do know is that we sure could use your prayers and help with donations. If you are able to help with Carla’s surgery and ongoing medical please go to and in the message box put
“CARLA” If donating by ck, please send to…
4 Paws 1 Heart
P.O. Box 84
St.Clair Shores, Mi. 48080 and write “CARLA” on the memo line. Carla wont be able to come home till much later today so Auntie Debra and I have decided to come home and I will make the trip back with Auntie Marilyn later today. I will let you know as soon as I hear anything Team. Meanwhile please keep our sweet girl in your prayers, it breaks my heart shes already been through so much in her little life. But shes a fighter, and so we are going to fight with her! Every $ helps, thankyou Team ❤”carla 11:26:19== carla 11:26:19

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