Carla – She’s Home and Waiting for Results

11/27/19 – Update on our beautiful, brave Carla. – diana

“CARLA: Hi everybody, I’m home! Huge thankyou to Dr. Natalie Zalac at Orion Animal Hospital for taking such great care of me. It’s a wait and see game now for 7-10 days till my biopsy comes back. I’ve got meds and my cone, my mom and I’m so happy to be home. Right now I just need yummys! Mast Cell Tumor..not gonna kick my butt…no way!!!
Thankyou 4 Paws 1 Heart for always being there for me, I hate to even think with all I’ve been through in 2yrs where I’d be if I didnt have you
Please consider making a donation, funds are so needed!”carla after surgery 11:27:19 carla post surgery 11:27:19

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