Carla – Continued Prayers

11/26/19 – Update on our Carla. Continued prayers for our sweet girl. – diana

 “Hey Team Chance, I’m home and I’m hungry!!!

Sooo, Dr. Z did a fabulous job and she got a lot more of my tumor then she thought she could. I may or may not keep this adorable Chinese eye depending how it heals. Small price to pay if it means getting the margins. Besides, I bet my boyfriend Rudy will think it’s kinda sexy!
Anyway, now it’s a waiting game. 7-10 days for the results of my biopsy. If the values are low, we will assume all is well and keep a close eye out for ANY weird lumps or bumps. If the values are high, then Dr. Z will want me back for ultrasounds. Paws crossed for low values. I have pain meds and benadryl and my cone 😝 and my mom to take good care of me. Becuse of my disability, cone and pain meds, I will have to stay in my crate for now when moms at work so I dont get hurt. Stitches out in 2 wks and I’m cleared for my pt appt in 2 wks!!! Thankyou all for your love and prayers, and HUGE thankyou to Dr. Zalac and Orion Animal Hospital for taking such good care of me! And to Auntie Debra going & Uncle Tom coming back so mom wouldnt get us lost while she was distracted worrying about me. Extra special thankyou to 4 Paws 1 Heartfor always being here for me. With all the medical things I’ve been through in the last 2yrs I’m scared to think what would have happened to me if I didnt have you
THANKYOU!!! 11:26:19=== carla 11:26:19==

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