Nam Nam – She Tried to Save Her Babies Who Were Being Attacked by a Wild Dog

12/10/19 – I want to share the story of Nam Nam. A person who we’ve helped in the past contacted us about this horrific situation he came upon. A mama cat was trying to save her babies from two wild dogs. The rescuer said “I have never witnessed carnage like that.” None of the babies survived and mama was traumatized. He brought her home and asked us for help. The rescuer is concerned that Nam Nam may have suffered some injuries while trying to save her babies; he started seeing blood in her feces and she was acting lethargic. Of course we agreed to help.
I just can’t say enough about the amazing men and women who never turn their back on an animal in need. And, with your help, we can help them give these animals a second chance. Please consider donating as we face the severe winter weather and the continued need of those who have no one but us. – Thank You, Diana
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