Hope and Faith – Found Under a Porch; Hope’s Eye Will Need Removal; Faith Was Able to Heal With Medication

1/23/20 – In early December, Hope and Faith were found under a porch. One’s eye was protruding and the other had their third eyelid showing. After contacting a few of our partner vets, we were able to get them in the same day and the doctor gave them eye drops and advised that Hope’s eye would need to be removed once she gained weight. They were only 8 ounces and 10 ounces. Since then, Faith’s eyes have healed but Hope will need to have her eye removed. She is now 6 lbs and both will be getting a recheck and we’ll see if Hope can be scheduled for surgery. Please say a little prayer for these sweet babies. – diana
4paws1heart.org/donationsHope w:julianna sylvester 12:5:20 faith 12:6:19

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