Jasper – Another Trip to the Emergency Room

1/19/20 – It’s Jasper’s miracle weekend. This little fighter just keeps getting better. Just as with Carla, Chance, Hercules, Dash, Ali, and so many others, he may have a journey ahead of him but we are there for him. Your donations make a difference! – diana

 “Gooood morning Team, Happy Sunday!!! Look how far Jasper has come from the night he rode home in a box from the emergency room (2 trips) to this pic of him practicing his Proper Kittyloaf!!! He’s doing fantastic thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart and his awesome Drs he’s starting to walk again! But he’s always in his crate (still on strict crate rest) except for one hour a night mom brings him upstairs and he has a ball playing in her bedroom…on the carpet. Last night mom let him go in the kitty room where theres wooden floors and the kitchen where there tile and he was like Bambi on ice..legs all going everywhere! Clearly, he still has a ways to go and this is where Dr. Kern and her staff comes in. Jasper has an appt with Dr. Kern on the 30th and his fine tuning will start . Then it will soon be back to Dr. Z for shots & neuter and finally, he will be ready to find his Forever Home!!! 
Sooo much love, care and medical goes into some of these babies like Jasper It could never happen without the donations to 4 Paws 1 Heart. Thankyou all who donate to help us keep helping these sweet, deserving animals like Jasper.
Every life deserves a Second Chance – Mom”jasper-1:19:20 jasper--1:19:20 jasper 1:19:20 
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