Sebastian, Sylvester, Little Girl, Buddy – Rescued From the Streets

1/20/20 – There were so many cats that we took care of in 2019, it was hard to catch up with their stories. All were found on the street; some feral, some domesticated who probably escaped or were dumped. Here are four who we took care of their basic medical needs which always includes spay/neuter, vaccinations, and testing. But, as well as the basics, just about everyone we meet need antibiotics for upper respiratory infections, fleas, and mites. Thank you to our many donors, rescuers, and vets who allow us to make a difference. Meet Sebastian, Sylvester, Little Girl (who has CH), and Buddy. ~ diana w:michele lang 8:19:19 sylvester w:dee n 7:8:19 little girl w:ch 9:9:19 buddy w:doreen hankins 10:22:19

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