Ashy – Possibly Hit by a Car or Caught in a Car Engine

2/25/20 – This past Sunday a kind woman contacted me about a stray cat she had been feeding. The cat showed up at her door crying and her face was swollen and her nose was bloody. She was taken to the vet yesterday and was given antibiotics, pain medication, ear drops, and flea treatment. Her temperature was slightly elevated and Ashy will be seen again when she has taken about 2/3 of her medication. We don’t know if Ashy was hit by a car or maybe got caught in an engine while trying to stay warm. I’ve been told that the finders have fallen in love with her and will be giving her a forever home. We will follow up until she is fully recovered and will make sure she is spayed and vaccinated. – diana w:2:23:20 ashy 2:24:20 ashy ashy 2:24:20 w:kadee

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