Raggedy Ann – Found with a Severe Leg Infection

/26/20 – A week ago today I received the following message:
“2 years ago a beautiful cat started coming around my work. It was winter at the time and very cold. So, I made the cat a house to stay in and eat. Well he/she is still with me at work. Last week I noticed when I pulled up in the morning that she was not there. I looked over and the house next door has a wooden fence. And I saw the cat hanging from its back-left leg. I couldn’t believe it. I took my coat off, ran over to a waitress that works next door to my office and asked her to help me. I put my coat over the cat, and she didn’t even fight me. I lifted her and the girl lifted the back leg out of the wood fence. I wasn’t thinking and I let her down. I don’t know why I did that. I guess I never thought she would be hurt. Well I watched her run off dragging her back leg. I was crushed. I don’t want to see her suffer in pain. So, every day I put out food and clean her house and haven’t seen her since until today. So, I wanted to see how her leg was and when she walked away she wasn’t dragging it anymore but she was raising it, not putting weight on it. Can you help or tell me of my options. – Cindy”
Well, the difficulty was to first trap this beautiful cat and find permanent placement if she was domesticated. If she was truly feral, options would be different. I advised the finder that if the leg needed to be amputated, I would not support her going back outside. The two of us worked to find a rescue and in the mean time Cindy was able to get her into a room in her office. Fortunately, a couple of days later, I had a meeting with a 4p1h friend who has recently opened a low cost clinic in Redford, Comfort’s Place. Debbie, the owner, agreed to pick up Raggedy Ann, we agreed to pay for all medical, and Debbie worked on finding a rescue. Fast forward to today. Raggedy Ann has been seen by a vet and her leg is so infected, it needs to be amputated. Unfortunately, because of the infection the doctor doesn’t want to do that until the infection is clear. She is now on antibiotics and pain medication. Debbie will be fostering Ann until her surgery and throughout her recovery; Ann will then be transferred to our friends at the Ferndale Cat Shelter. If anyone thinks they are interested in giving Raggedy Ann a home prior to that transfer, please let me know at: [email protected]
Please keep in mind that we have had several serious cases lately and your donations and fundraising support is critical to our ability to give these animals a second chance at life. Without the caring of Cindy, our relationship with Debbie, and your support, Raggedy Ann would have died a horrible death on the streets. – diana

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