Joy – RIP

2/20/20 – joyjoy==joy rip 2:20:20I recently became aware of some very sad news, and it is with a heavy heart that I am letting those who remember her know that Joy passed away.
About 5 years ago, Joy was rescued by 2 Michigan State Troopers who responded to a call where a stray dog had been hit by a car.
It was late at night and the very compassionate troopers took her to the Emergency where I had been working.
I offered to take her into my home while she recovered and 4 paws 1 heart, helped with funding medical for her extensive injuries.
I have fostered countless animals and loved them all, but Joy was incredibly special and close to my heart..
She fit into my home and into my pack, but I knew eventually her long term care required being with someone who had the ability to allow her to thrive.
The accident left her broken. She had multiple pelvic fractures, injured knees, internal bruising, and her pain was extremely hard to control even with even the strongest meds. She couldn’t walk without being in severe pain, and she cried often. At night I layered plastic underneath her and covered her feet with my socks, wrapped her body in a blanket, and held her all until the trembling stopped. I carried her to and from work every day, took her for CT scan, knee surgery, and physical therapy.
A couple months later, the time came to give her up and my chest burned.. Not everyone understands how hard it is to pour your heart into an animal that needs you so desperately, you get them better, and then you watch them leave with the next person… The person that you trust to take over where you left off..
Joy was given a very wonderful life that she deserved, but her health took a sudden turn for the worse.
I will never ever forget her..
Rest peacefully beautiful girl. ♡

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