Piper – Update After Surgery

2/18/20 – UPDATE on Piper. You can check out Piper’s journey on our website 4paws1heart.org – just search ‘piper’. Long story short was that a wonderful young woman tried for weeks to rescue this very sweet injured girl. She required orthopedic surgery which would involve the surgical removal of the head and neck of the femur (FHO) once she was well enough. Well, she had her surgery yesterday and everything went well. Her new mom (and rescuer) picked her up this morning and she is recovering in her loving home. As many of our pet parent/followers know this surgery is not inexpensive but we believe Piper was worth it. God bless those who rescue and donate to us so that we can help those who are rescued. ~ diana
P.S. A huge thanks to Emily, Piper’s savior and now mom, for fundraising which helped to pay for this surgery.
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