Raven – Had Her Babies in the Safety of a Board Member’s Home

4/8/20 – I shared Raven’s story on April 5; two days later she had her babies. After eluding a trap for two years, she must have known she was close to giving birth because she finally allowed herself to be trapped. Mama and the kitties will be in the Kitty Room at Pet Supplies Plus (Harper/13 Mile, SCS) when it’s appropriate. – diana
P.S. Remember what I said about ‘Kitten Season’? In just a few days we’ve committed to helping three mom and their babies.raven and babies 4:7:20Per Dee G:  “Raven is taking a break from posting….pretty obvious why….but what isn’t obvious….how many did she have? (If you were already told….ssshhhh please) Raven Beauty is an wonderful mommy and the babies (clue more then 1!) are fat and squeaky. Born 4/5. 4 Paws 1 Heart

Little One – Update

4/8/20 – Had to share this photo of Little One. She is a little fighter. – diana

Update from Jo A.:  “Little one is back home. Look how good she looks.
Many thanks to Gina DeLuca and 4 paws 1 heart for helping this sweet baby.
I was up all night last night checking on her to make sure she was still breathing. I know I will for the next few days, plus she needs to be fed and meds through out the night.”little one==4:7:20