Little One – One of 11 Kittens Found in the Woods; Two Had Already Died

Update: I’m sorry but in my haste to post this I overlooked the fact that the 11 kittens came from two moms. I’ll provide more details as I get them.

4/6/20 – I know all of us our praying for our Country and every person impacted by the virus. But if you can add one more for this little one, it would mean a lot. A young woman, who has been tnr’g in a Shelby Twp. mobile home park, trapped a pregnant mom. The mom had 11 babies. Our friend Jo took in two. One of the babies Jo took died last night. And, one of the kittens with the rescuer also died last night. This little one made it through the night with all of Jo’s expertise and I talked with her this morning and offered to cover medical. Gina now has her at the vet she works at and she/he will be under her watchful eye. As I’ve said earlier, this will not only be a very tough time for humans but this will definitely trickle down to the animals. Again, May God be with us. – diana
little one w:jo 4:6:20

4/5/20 – With the dedication of our Board member, Dee G., and the support of other Board members and long-time friends, the abandoned and abused will be given a second chance! – diana

“HI Facebook Kittyroom Friends….my name is Raven Beauty. My foster Mommy said that you can watch my journey right here on the 4P1H Village Kittyroom page.

The journey starts like this….I lived in a feral colony. The nice lady that took care of us put out a plea for help for someone to take me in….yeap, I got myself knocked up. Sure they tried to catch me for the last 2 years to get fixed but I never fell for the trap! Well this time I let her trap me (you’re welcome nice lady) and now I will be having my babies in a safe home…and my new foster Mommy said this will be my last litter of kittens ever…thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart who will be paying my medical expenses to make that happen. Stay tuned for more updates from me! #ravenbueatykitty

Foster Mommy here- Please consider donating to 4 Paws 1 Heart to help with her medical, and her litter of kittens.
Raven and her kitties will be up for adoption too, so keep that in mind when you fall in love with them during Raven’s journey. And they will be making appearances at Pet Supplies Plus – St. Clair Shores, MI – Harper Ave – when they are old enough. Stay safe people!! – Dee G.”raven 4:5:20

Ivan – He Wouldn’t Have Lasted Another Month on the Street

ivan 4:3:== ivan 4:3:20 ivan 4:3:20-4/3/20 – Ivan was found on the streets. When we authorized him to see a vet, the vet said that he wouldn’t have lasted another month on the street. Ivan had a severe upper respiration, an eye infection, and was severely infested by fleas which resulted in many sores on his body. He was very emaciated and had worms. The rescuer told me that he’s been rescuing since he was a little boy; his mother worked at the Michigan Humane Society so rescue is in his blood. 4 Paws 1 Heart paid for all of Ivan’s medical needs and although the rescuer was going to try and find a purrfect home for him, he thought he might be a ‘failure’ because the family was already falling in love. – diana
P. S. I am trying to catch up on the many cases we’ve had since Fall of 2019. So some of the animals we’ve helped may have occurred prior to the shutdowns resulting from the virus. Ivan was one of those saved in the Fall, 2019.

Nala – A Call For Help and One Social Posting Changed Her Life Forever

nala 4:2:20--- nala - 4:2:20 nala 4:2:204/2/20 – A quick story about why I believe timing is everything and sharing via social media can SAVE a life.
March 3rd I posted a few pics of a dog that needed a home. Backstory: Owner had to give up dog because he and his wife split up and the dog wasn’t allowed at the new home. Alternatively, she would temporarily live in the garage, get put on Craigslist, or be taken to a shelter.
An acquaintance of the owner and friend of my stepfather, offered to take the dog, “Nala”, but he wasn’t prepared for giving her what she needed.
I was asked to help, and with little hope for a quick/immediate solution I posted her on my page March 3rd.
It wasn’t that I didn’t want her to be placed in a home on such short notice. It was that she was like the countless other large breed, bully breed, adult dogs in need of a home RIGHT NOW and realistically I didn’t think it could happen.
I posted on my page and in less than 24 hours a mutual friend shared with a relative who was in search for a rescue dog….a compatible large breed dog for her family.
I put her in touch with my stepfather’s friend who currently had “Nala”.
4 paws 1 heart offered to pay for the spay, vaccines, and check up for her and a “Meet and Greet”was quickly arranged between Nala and the relative of my mutual Facebook friend.
About 1 week later Nala went to her new forever family and this is what makes my ♡ happy. Here are the updated pics.
All I did was share and that ONE share changed the life of one dog forever. It changed the life of her new family forever. Timing is EVERYTHING and sometimes we r just here to be the person in- between a Miracle. Gina

Blackie – Shot At by Humans and Attacked By Dogs; Now Living the Good Life

If you aren’t aware of Blackie’s story, please check out our website, Blackie was attacked by dogs at the vacant Packard plant in Detroit, and 16 pellets were found in his body. Can you imagine this poor animal being used for target practice?? And after emergency care, Blackie was found to be heart worm positive. 4 Paws 1 Heart paid for all of his medical needs and our friends at Michigan Animal Crew took him into their rescue. He is looking amazing and his foster mom said he is gaining weight and feeling very comfortable. The first two photos are of him now. The third photo is when he was brought into the emergency hospital. Thought everyone could use some happy news. – diana blackie 3:31:20

Alice – Found During a TNR Project – Pregnant and Shortly After Had Her Babies

3/31/20 – Meet Alice. During a TNR project (we showed the cats in yesterday’s post), Alice also showed up. But, to no one’s surprise, she was pregnant. Well, one week later, she had her babies. Here she is. Please keep in mind that although many of us don’t believe ‘kitten season’ ever ended last year, this is the time of the year. And, due to the virus all “non-essential” veterinary care has been ordered to be stopped. This means that all of the low cost clinics are closed and the standard veterinarians will not be allowed to spay/neuter. This will be a very trying time for humans and animals. Let’s just get through this together and pray for our Country. ~ diana

alice 3:30:20 alice

Covid19 – A Difficult and Dangerous Period for Humans and Animals

3/27/20 – This is going to be a tough time for all strays — dogs and cats — who will be contracting heart worm and upper respiratory infections. All About Animals and The Paws Clinic has been closed due to Governor orders because both clinics are considered non-essential. To those of us in the rescue world, we know how essential spay/neuter truly is. I understand the thought was to save PPE for the hospitals but I know there will be thousands of animals who will be born over the next few months and then will go on to produce more. This will totally negate all of the work we’ve done over the past 10 years. Add to that, people are out of work, fundraisers are being cancelled, and donations to all of us are (understandably) non-existent. Please help where you can. Whether it be to foster, donate, or just pray. May God be with all of our friends and the animals who need us. – diana

Brooke – Born Without an Eyelid; Will Now Get Reconstructive Surgery

3/23/20 – I’ve posted about Brooke and Meadow before. This past week the rescue, Saving Cats & Kittens in Michigan, again asked for our help for Brooke:
“Brooke was seen at Veterinary Vision Center today, and they think they can reconstruct her upper eyelid that is missing by using tissue from her lower lid. Dr. Singh could do the cryogenic ablation again afterward to remove any hairs that grow back so we wouldn’t have a huge expense for that after the big surgery to save her sight. The only humane alternative is removing the eyes, and the estimate for that surgery is $600 higher than eyelid reconstruction, so after speaking with Dr. Kimmitt we think this is the best option for Brooke.
You mentioned that you could help toward the surgery, and if you are still able to do that we would be extremely grateful for your help to get this surgery for Brooke. – Debbie”

Before the current health crisis we did commit to helping Brooke and we are keeping our commitment. Today I called in payment so that Brooke could have her surgery. – diana 2:17:20brooke w:saving cats & kittens in Michigan:debbie nelson