Nala – A Call For Help and One Social Posting Changed Her Life Forever

nala 4:2:20--- nala - 4:2:20 nala 4:2:204/2/20 – A quick story about why I believe timing is everything and sharing via social media can SAVE a life.
March 3rd I posted a few pics of a dog that needed a home. Backstory: Owner had to give up dog because he and his wife split up and the dog wasn’t allowed at the new home. Alternatively, she would temporarily live in the garage, get put on Craigslist, or be taken to a shelter.
An acquaintance of the owner and friend of my stepfather, offered to take the dog, “Nala”, but he wasn’t prepared for giving her what she needed.
I was asked to help, and with little hope for a quick/immediate solution I posted her on my page March 3rd.
It wasn’t that I didn’t want her to be placed in a home on such short notice. It was that she was like the countless other large breed, bully breed, adult dogs in need of a home RIGHT NOW and realistically I didn’t think it could happen.
I posted on my page and in less than 24 hours a mutual friend shared with a relative who was in search for a rescue dog….a compatible large breed dog for her family.
I put her in touch with my stepfather’s friend who currently had “Nala”.
4 paws 1 heart offered to pay for the spay, vaccines, and check up for her and a “Meet and Greet”was quickly arranged between Nala and the relative of my mutual Facebook friend.
About 1 week later Nala went to her new forever family and this is what makes my ♡ happy. Here are the updated pics.
All I did was share and that ONE share changed the life of one dog forever. It changed the life of her new family forever. Timing is EVERYTHING and sometimes we r just here to be the person in- between a Miracle. Gina

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