Jordy – RIP

4/13/20 – RIP Jordy. Jordy was one of the first of the 11 kittens who didn’t make it. These poor babies, weighing as little as 6 oz. were/are severely malnourished and have severe upper respiratory infections. Jordy was at an emergency hospital who is not a partner of 4p1h and we were not asked for assistance until our friend Jo A. got involved. The finder is a wonderful person who just moved into the area and started finding all of these cats that she has been trying to take care of out of her own pocket. We couldn’t help but pay for Jordy’s invoice even though he didn’t make it. I truly believe that having the loving and expert care of Gina and Jo A. (who works in the medical field) has made a difference in saving the lives, thus far, of 3 of the 11 kittens. We are thankful that we can support what Amanda, Gina, and Jo are doing to save all of the remaining babies. -diana

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