Bunny and Little One – Updates

4/13/20 – The photo on the left is the kitten, Bunny, who I posted the other day whose eyes were totally shut. Jo A. took in another of the very sick 11 kittens and named her Vivian. Jo works in the medical field not considered, for the most part, non-essential at this time so she has been home most of the time and not working. I told Jo today that sometimes there is a reason. Had it not been for her stay at home status, she would never had been able to give these kittens the care they needed. Another kitten is supposed to be going in to Jo for further care. We will continue to cover any medical costs necessary including all drugs. There are so many of these animals out there needing our help and it’s such a difficult time to do what is needed. Thank you to all for your prayers and your support. – diana

bunny 4:13:20 little one 4:13:20
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