Kittens – 11 of Them From What Appears to be Two Litters

4/11/20 – Update and photos of the 11 kittens from the two moms. It takes a village! – diana

amanda rumble 11 kittens including little one, bunny and vivian 4:8:20 3 of amanda rumble's kittens 4:8:20“And then there were 3…
A lot has changed in the past week here at Community Cat Care. Thursday night I had 11 snuggly kittens on my lap. Friday afternoon I found Charlie passes away and Jordy was barely hanging on. I rushed Jordy to Wilson Vet. The remaining 9 I was watching like a hawk and two of them started declining fast on Saturday. I knew I couldn’t afford multiple kittens staying at the emergency vet, as the estimate for Jordy was on track to be $1000.
I reached out to Charlotte Yakima who helped me TNR a couple weeks ago. She got me in contact with Carol Danielak Nadolski who now is fostering David, Anastasia, Jasmine & Shelby and referred me to Debra Ann Nelson (who is currently in Florida). Deb sent me with Riley & Nala to Jo Sweeney Addington. Riley declines fast on the drive there and didn’t make it. Jo & Gina DeLuca have been tag-team caring for little Nala and it is looking like she will pull through. I still have Goliath, Shelley & Pounce.
Thank you to Diana Rascano with 4 Paws 1 Heart for helping with the vet bill at Wilson’s and helping with the vetting for little Nala. Please consider donating to 4 Paws 1 Heart to help cover the cost of vetting they have helped these kittens out with.
What an absolute blessing these women I have tagged have been. You ladies have all been a tremendous help to myself and these kittens. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. ❤️ – amanda”


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