Kittens – 6 More Kittens Taken in By Our Friend

5/14/20 – Speaking of Patricia. I asked Patricia to check in with a person who contacted us for help with a mom who had kittens in her garage. So, I asked one of our experts to contact her. Patricia did and has kept in contact with the person. Well, it turns out there are 6 kittens, the smallest is only 10 oz. although they are supposed to be 4-5 weeks old. Patricia believes the mom did not have enough milk to feed 6 kittens and that is why the kittens all seem to be too small for their age. Nonetheless, Patricia feels the kittens are healthy. They all got baths and deworming and are safe and warm with Patricia. If anyone is interested in Susie Q, her babies, or any of these babies, you should contact Patricia at: [email protected] 4 Paws 1 Heart will again be backing all of the basic medical needs prior to adoption. Thank you to our many friends for all of your support. – diana

Kittens w:particia brown 5:14:20
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