Little Foot – Rescues With a Large Gash on His Leg and Broken Bones

5/15/20 – Doesn’t it seem like we’re always praying these days. Whether it’s for our Country, our first responders, friends on the front lines, or these poor, vulnerable babies born on the streets. This is Little Foot. He was rescued during a TNR project. The wonderful women trying to help as many as 20 strays, noticed that Little Foot couldn’t put weight on his leg and had a visible gash on his leg. They are working with All About Animals where Little Foot had been taken to be neutered but they don’t have x ray equipment, so we were called for help. This handsome little guy went to one of our great vets yesterday who determined that his leg would need to be amputated. Little Foot’s injury is very severe. It appears that something penetrated through his joint. The wound is exactly where his leg would bend. Because of this penetration going through his joint, many small and intricate bones were affected. Any attempts to repair the trauma would be difficult and would probably result in arthritis if the surgery would be successful. Also, because the wound was infected, his leg was wrapped in gauze and it will be treated daily until the leg can be safely amputated. – Everyone at the vet who took care of Little Foot said he is very sweet although scared (of course). So please say a little prayer for Little Foot and all of the other babies who’ve yet to be rescued. – diana
Little Foot5:14:20 Little Foot w:jessica krutell

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