Zena – Found with Bullets in Her Spine

6/3/20 – Meet ‘super sweet’, 2 year old Zena. A couple of days ago we were asked if we could help with a partially paralyzed cat. She had no feeling in her tail and her back toes. People in the neighborhood were familiar with her and said she had been dragging her back feet for at least a year but no one stepped up to help. Her poor little paws were raw from dragging them for so long. Thankfully, Keri found her and reached out to us. She was taken to a vet yesterday where x-rays were done and it turns out that this poor baby has a bullet in her spine. It is lodged where the nerves are for her colon and bladder areas as well as her toes. The doctor said that she is not in pain and the staff fell in love with her. Zena was snap tested (negative), vaccinated, was given a cortisone injection, and treated for fleas and ticks. The doctor also said that she may regain feeling but also suggested that a neurological surgeon be consulted to determine if the bullet can be removed. In the mean time, Zena is getting lots of love, attention, and rest with Keri’s mom and she will again be seen by the vet in a few weeks. We will continue to follow up on this sweetie and at least pay for the specialist visit. We will then take it from there. These situations continue to break my heart knowing there are so many more animals out there being abused and tortured. Thank you to everyone who supports our mission and who never turn their backs on an animal in need. – diana
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