Bonnie – Used and Abused in a Community Colony

6/8/20 – Bonnie — used and abused. A 90 year-old woman is caring for a colony of ‘feral’ cats (or most often I just think they are strays who have been abandoned by their owners or escaped from their homes). There was one cat who needed medical help. Her bottom lip had no color to it and she was thin and lethargic. Males in the colony kept taking advantage of her and getting her pregnant. Christina, the person who contacted us, is working on getting everyone spayed/neutered and we will be paying for that. Little, sweet Bonnie, just had one kitten about six weeks ago. On Saturday, Bonnie was seen by a vet and was treated for an upper respiratory infection. She was also vaccinated and tested. Unfortunately, she did test positive for FIV — but this should not be a death sentence. Christina said that Bonnie is very sweet and she would love to find a home for her. We will be following up to make sure Bonnie is spayed when she is healthy enough. Unfortunately, all of the low-cost clinics are booked through June, so we have offered to at least get all males or females in the colony spayed/neutered at a standard vet just to avoid further pregnancies. Again, as one of our friends said, the shut down of spay/neuter for almost 3 months has probably put us back 4 years in our efforts to reduce unwanted animals — especially cats who can have litters 3 times a year. Anyone interested in adopting Bonnie or taking her in, should contact Christina at: After everything she’s been through, Bonnie deserves some love and comfort. diana
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