Chloe – Was Brought to a Vet Because of a Serious Wound on Her Face But Then It Turned Out That She Had Recently Had Babies

6/17/20 – This is a tough one (like so many of the others aren’t – said with sarcasm). This is Chloe. She was left behind when her owners moved. We were contacted because a kind couple who she’s taken a liking to, saw her with a wound on her face which may have abscessed. They also thought that Chloe was either pregnant or had recently had kittens. Chloe was taken to one of our great doctors who treated her wound and took an ultra sound to determine if she was pregnant. Our doctor decided that Chloe had babies recently. She suggested Chloe be left outside in hopes that Chloe could be rescued with her kittens. This was a tough one for the rescuers in that they are ready to take her in and find a furever home. They have been searching for the kittens and will continue to do so. Say a little prayer that the family can be rescued together. – diana
chloe 6:17:20

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