Clyde, Zappa, Cloud, Fluffy and Their Mom – Born in a Field, Clyde Was Having Difficult Breathing

7/16/20 – Yesterday was one crazy day. The morning was filled with back to back calls regarding kittens/cats in need. Clyde, one of 4 kittens born to a female cat who showed up at the home of a very kind man. She is very friendly and the homeowner assumed she had been ‘dumped’ in the area; no one in the neighborhood claimed ownership. He began feeding her and, unfortunately, in April she had a litter of 4 kittens in the bow of his boat. Mike, the rescuer, who has been unemployed, began feeding the entire brood with the intention of getting everyone eventually spayed and neutered. He was to take in Mama yesterday but in the course of looking for her, he came across one of the kittens, Clyde, not moving and struggling to breathe. He searched for rescues to help without success and eventually he found me. We were able to get Clyde seen by a vet in less than an hour. The doctor diagnosed congested lungs caused possibly by pneumonia. Clyde was given antibiotics and vitamins and Mike was sent home with extra antibiotics for the rest of the kittens. I checked in this morning with Mike and Clyde is back to his normal self already — galloping around the yard with his siblings. With our support, Mama will be spayed, vaccinated, and tested tomorrow and we will be covering the same for the kittens when they have completed their antibiotics. Here is Clyde, Zappa, Fluffy, Cloud and Mama with her babies. – Thank you to every person who cares for these poor animals who must rely on us at times for survival; otherwise, some would die of horrible deaths. And, thank you to all of our supporters. – diana
clyde w:mike panchula 7:16:20 zappa cloud fluffy 7:16:20 clyde,zappa, fluffy cloud w:mama 7:16:20

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