Harriet – She Was to be Euthanized for a Broken Leg; Instead She Was Freed and Had an Amputation

7/10/20 Harriet update. We have to wonder how this poor baby got so many breaks in her leg. And the Lord only knows the pain she must have been going through while in the shelter. Thankfully our friend from Genesee County contacted Denise. – diana

“CARLA: Well Team, it’s been a kinda rough night. My room mate Harriet is home, but she refuses to wear her cone. They couldnt keep it on at the vets either. And the more the anesthesia wears off the harder it was for mom to try and get the cone to stay on and the more upset poor Harriet was getting. But thanks to our awesome village, our friend Lisa Acierno-Troia brought a soft blow up collar and Auntie Debra went and bought Harriet Apple Bitter deterrent to put around the incisions to deter Harriet from licking. Mom got the Apple Bitter dabbed on with cotton balls and she will try the collar in the morning. Right now Harriet has had her pain meds, dinner and is sleeping so I’m going to have mom quietly tuck me into my bed and I’m going to be sooo quiet and watch my cartoons. Sweet dreams everybody, we’ll keep you posted tomorrow.
Goodnight Harriet, I love you ❤”harriet 6:29:20 harriet 6:29:20- harriet's broken leg 6:29:20

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